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Pastor Mark Finley

Mark Finley is an international evangelist, television presenter and author who has traveled the world sharing Jesus and the truths of His Word. You won't want to miss a single moment of this masterclass on Bible prophecy!



1. Jesus Wins,
Satan Loses

June 6-12

There is an age-old battle between good and evil. But the good news is that in every case, Jesus has been victorious. But how can you be sure you’re on the winning side?

4. Jesus and
the Judgment

June 27 - July 4

God cannot overlook sin. Justice must be served, and the sentence pronounced, but Christ Himself pays the debt. This is incredibly good news for those who are covered by his blood.

7. Creation

July 21-28

True worship acknowledges the God who created all things through Jesus Christ. Our existence is not the result of blind chance or happenstance. It is the purposeful act of God.

10. Satan's
Final Deceptions

Aug 14-21

Revelation warns of a final last-day delusion where multitudes will be led astray by a popular religious power that appeals to the majority with its falsehoods. Will you be prepared to resist?

13. Ablaze With
God's Glory

Sep 7-14

All nations have drunk the wine of spiritual Babylon’s false doctrine. But God is preparing a people who love God and keep his commandments—ready to meet Him when He comes again.

2. A Moment
of Destiny

June 13-19

Our world is at a crossroads. This is a moment of destiny—each one of us at the crossroads with the seed we sow each day. How can we produce the fruit that will lead to eternity?

3. Hope's Grace-Filled,
End-Time Message

June 20-26

Revelation has the reputation of being a frightening book filled images of judgement and doom. But the central theme of the book is actually a hope filled message of grace through Christ.

5. God's Prophetic

July 5-12

Daniel’s vision pinpointed exactly when Jesus would die. It also pinpoints the time of the end. We are living in earth’s final chapter. We must prepare now for Christ’s second coming.

6. An Urgent
Call to Action

July 13-20

In the same way God used Noah to warn of the impending flood, God sends His final warning message to the world to prepare for His soon return—the messages of the three angels

8. Refuge in a
World of Confusion

July 29 - Aug 5

The Sabbath stretches from paradise lost to paradise restored. The three angels calls us to worship our Creator—the one who made the earth in six days and rested on the seventh.

9. A City
Called Confusion

Aug 6-13

Babylon was built on the foundation of the tower of Babel—a symbol of trust in man’s abilities instead of God’s promises. End-time spiritual Babylon is built on that same foundation.

11. Seal of God &
Mark of the Beast I

Aug 22-29

What is the mark of the beast? What is the deception that the Beast introduces? We can know for certain that we have chosen God’s seal and rejected the mark.

12. Seal of God &
Mark of the Beast II

Aug 30 - Sep 6

The second part of a two-part presentation explores evidence that the beast is a religious organization and not a person. You will understand the cry, “Come out of her my people.”

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